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Spring Crochet Hats

Cotton crochet black hat  SPR05-309
Cotton crochet hat beige SPR05-308
Cotton crochet black slouchy hat SPR05-307
Cotton crochet mesh hat flower SPR05-306

100% cotton crochet hats are $25 plus $5 shipping and handling.  

Raffia straw crochet hat flower  SPR05-305
Cotton crochet variegated with earrings SPR05-304
Cotton crochet mesh flower detail SPR05-303

Items No. SPR05-304 and SPR05-305 are $35 plus $5 shipping/handling 

 Send me a message  on the contact form if you are interested.

Item No. SPR05-309

Item No. SPR05-308

Item No. SPR05-307

Item No. SPR05-306

Item No. SPR05-305

Item No. SPR05-304

Item No. SPR05-303

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