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Let's Do This!

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.--Oprah

A life, rooted deeply, lives and grows in memory....

I have a legacy to leave behind for my children--"Triple Threat"--and I won't and can't stop st!tching that life, materialing awe and fashioning praise ... Strength and honor (tailor made to fit me--the measure given to another may come up short)  are my clothing and I SHALL REJOICE in time to come!

This is a first for me--to blog w/in my website:  let it be a fruitful journey.  My other blog, Off The Hook Awesome Crochet, resides here

and that has been a whirlwind of 98% daily posting since 2004, WHEW! 

Let e-stitch journal here in joy as well....

by any means necessary...

You know you need the 411 HOOK-UP....


video conferencing $30.00/hr

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