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Daily Affirmations -- DAYS 117 - 125

DAY 117.  Today is a brand new day. I do all that I can everyday. Tomorrow I'll do even better.

DAY 118.  I am empowered at every corner I turn. I am happy and content.

DAY 119.  I am not alone. I AM connected! I am a part of a bigger plan. The role I am living in this lifetime is important. I AM significant!

DAY 120.  I make a positive wish today and everyday. I see a miracle happening in my life.

DAY 121.  I am an empowered dreamer.

DAY 122.  I work very hard, and I try to do my best. I deserve time off to rest.

DAY 123.  I am who I am and accept my feelings wholeheartedly.

DAY 124.  I gracefully dodge every bump in my path. I leap confidently over every hurdle before me. I face every challenge bravely. My inner strength bolsters me. I trust and value my life journey.

DAY 125.   I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good.

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