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Client's Crochet Dress

Labored feverishly to finish this crochet dress....Wala

KUDOS on it...I love compliments--increases your face value

omg...that is fan...tas...tic...i'm sure wherever you client goes...she will be the could she not be with that dress...that's HAWT!!!--Dannette

Love this dress!!!--Charlotte

Beautiful. -- Tracia

OOoh I LIKe!! It's St!tch-R!FF!C...This dress is Unique, I Love the top half--Jaleesa

So, so beautiful. -- Marian

Beautiful. -- Gok

 Like always this is beautiful! I love it.--Brittany

That dress is smoking.  Wow. -- Simone

precioso...muy lindo,saludos gina desde chile -chiloe.--Chiloe

ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! YOU are gifted Ms. Gina Renay!!!!--Rose

Nice. -- Funmi

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