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Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmation == DAY 256

DAY 256.  I am a beacon of hope and peace.
AWE!Some Crochet by Gina Renay
hat, earrings, scarf, bracelet all crocheted by me on me
crochet chain emboidery on demin skirt

Daily Affirmation: Focus on the Positive Day 255

DAY 255.  I believe in myself.  I can do anything!

AWE!Some Crochet by Gina Renay scarflette, amulet bag, anklet

Daily Affirmations -- Days 252 - 254

DAYS 252 - 254. I love who I am and what I do is natural to me because it is my purpose to live authentically. . 

Daily Affirmations -- Days 250, 251

DAYS 250 - 251.  I CAN... I WILL... I DO!

AWE!Some Crochet by Gina Renay on her:  crop sweater top with attached mini bag

Daily Affirmation -- Days 245 - 249

DAYS 245 - 249.  The strongest single factor for prosperity consciousness is self-esteem: believing I CAN do it, believing I DESERVE it, and believing I WILL get it.
AWE!Some Crochet on Gina Renay:  tweed mesh overskirt, slouchy hat, chain scarf, fringe yarn necklace. bracelets and crochet rosette embellished shoes....
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